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Billing forecast for your work in progress jobs

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The Forecast lets you manage your revenue forecast for the next 12 months. The report shows 12 months starting this month (highlighted with a gray background). Scroll left and right to see the whole period.

The previous two months are shown so you can pick up `trailing` forecasts and draft invoices after the month has ticked over. Every month the remaining forecasts from the previous months should be moved along into future months or deleted.Use the search and filter options to see the required jobs. The totals will reflect the filtered results.

Value types:

You can enter values in different ways. Use positive values for forecasts, use negative values for expenses. If you type 35% wayahead will calculate and fill in 35% of the job budget. If you job is not in your home currency (as indicated by a small tag in the job name columm), you can enter amounts in that currency, e.g. 2500EUR would become 2093GBP if your home currency is GBP and your job is in Euro.

Pill types:

The forecast will show 4 pill types:

  • Streamtime Invoices (green): Invoices already sent out from Streamtime

  • Streamtime Draft Invoices (silver): Draft invoices in Streamtime, ready to be sent

  • wayahead revenue forecast (orange): Forecasted sales revenue (stored in wayahead): enter a positive value to create these.

  • wayahead cost forecast (blue): Forecasted third party cost or expense (stored in wayahead). Just enter a negative value to create these. You can also add expenses automatically via the job details modal (click the job values on the left panel). Select on or more expenses and click to add the (merged) value to the current month.

Extra Info:

Click the values in the budget, invoiced or forecast column to see more details on the job, such as a list of related quotes, invoices or orders. You can also complete the missing budget data in Streamtime directly from modal.

Status colors:

The forecast value will turn red if you have over-forecasted the job. It will be green if you can forecast some more or black if the forecast is spot on.


Enable the Xero Sales Budgets via the reporting preferences, to include your agency's sales targets in the graph at the bottom.

Please watch the training video for more information.

Expenses and contribution

If you start entering negative values in the forecast, wayahead will treat them as forecasted expenses. The footer will split out in two extra summaries: the cost total and the contribution. For more info, please check out this video:

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