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wayahead is sold as a subscription. This article explains what choices you have, what's included and what the terms of use are.

Choose your plan and duration

Choose the Light or Standard plan

ou can either choose a light subscription if you're only interested in a single report. Or you can go for a standard subscription, which gives you access to ALL reports.

Choose to get a discount... or not.

Well. Perhaps we shouldn't put it quite like that. Basically, wayahead is charged monthly by default, but if you choose to make a long term commitment by paying the year upfront, we will reward that with a 10% discount.


Monthly Price

Annual Price

Light Subscription

1 report



Standard Subscription

all reports



What is included?

Each subscription has free support and training included. Most clients get a couple of training sessions when they start their subscription to get up and running with the key reports. Later we can do training sessions on the other reports as and when the need arises. Training is also available for new starters in your team or when new reports are added to the wayahead suite.


Subscriptions and their payments in wayahead are handled by Stripe. Just like Streamtime. And just like thousands of other SAAS solutions out there.

Payments are made via a credit card at the start of each term (month or year). An invoice will be emailed to you automatically for every payment, but you can also see the payment history in wayahead via Setup > wayahead Plan > Invoice History.

Cancellations and refunds

Subscriptions can be cancelled any time. However, there are no refunds. It's not like you'd be walking around minding your own business, then suddenly you trip and accidentally enter your credit card details in wayahead.

If you cancel a subscription, you get to use the software until the end of the current billing period.

Use the trial period to make a decision. If uncertain then begin with a monthly subscription that can be cancelled monthly. You can always move to an annual subscription later to get the discount.

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