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The utilisation trends report gives you detailed insights into how your team spends their time over a longer period of time. It automatically reports over the last (complete) 12 months (so if today is March 5th, the report will go from March last year, till February this year).

Take a look at this training video for more information

WARNING: Billable hours vs target

Always load the LEAVE category before assessing the BILLABLE hours.

The Billable % is compared to a person's target to indicate if that person has recorded enough billable time. However, you MUST load the LEAVE category before the billable target can be worked out from the total.

For example, Jeffrey works 40hrs a week, so 160hrs in February. His billable target is 75%, so we're expecting 120hrs billable from him.

When I load the report it shows he has only recorded 62hrs billable, which is only 39% of the month instead of 75%.

However, after we load the LEAVE todos, we see that he has taken 2 weeks off in February. That recalibrates his working hours to 80hrs. Having recorded 62hrs billable, that now means he has done 78% billable, which is OVER target.

wayahead can't tell you whether the BILLABLE time is under or over target until after you load LEAVE.

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