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Custom reports and integrations
Custom reports and integrations
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wayahead not only offers the standard suite of reports via the regular subscriptions, you can get custom reports and integrations built for your organisation.

Custom reports

Custom reports give you a unique reporting interface for your organisation, based on the exact layout, data and specifications you choose.

Custom reports with Streamtime Data

You may have a unique way of labelling your jobs to work out the pipeline or make a breakdown between new business and existing clients. And you want to see the Streamtime data summarised as such in the wayahead reports. This is possible.

Custom reports with third party data

But the data doesn't necessarily have to come from Streamtime alone. The data can also be fetched from different sources, e.g. Xero, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics, etc...

Custom reports and apps with data in wayahead

Another category is where data is set up and stored in wayahead. This could be special budget data, where the Streamtime job budget is broken down in a budget to be spent each month.

Another example is a Media Module, where media jobs and orders are managed in wayahead (supplier, channel, placement date, price, discount, rebate, commission), but where this data is also linked to jobs in Streamtime.


But wayahead can also arrange to integrate data between Streamtime and other tools. The condition is the these tools have public rest API's to communicate with.

Examples so far are integrations with Xero, Jira, Timing, ClickUp, MS Dynamics, Hubspot, Bright HR, Data Valley,... For instance, take annual leave from the HR system and push it into Streamtime as scheduled todos. Or take time recordings from Jira and convert them to todos in Streamtime.

How do we get started?

Step one is usually to book in a call to discuss a custom report or integration. We can work out together how something is supposed to work and what the end result is meant to look like. Sometimes a good place to start is to create a simple mockup of what we'd like to see in a spreadsheet.

We will work out technical specifications together, outlining which data is fetched, how it is processed, how it is displayed and exported and which user interactions should be possible (searches, filters, switching to next financial year,... etc)

When all the specifications are ready, you will get a proposal based on the time it is expected to to develop this custom report or integration. Development is charged a €125/hr. Usually a 30% advance is charged upon approval and the balance is charged upon delivery.


After the custom report or integration is delivered, bug fixes are included in the original cost of the report. But changes in functionality or changes required to maintain compatibility with systems, browsers or third party tools (even Streamtime) are not included.

Annual maintenance fee

An annual maintenance fee of 10% of the development cost applies from the second year onwards - IF you don't have an active wayahead subscription.

Say you are charged €1200 for the development of a custom report. It is delivered on March 5th 2022. Then from March 5th 2023 you will be charged €120 for support and maintenance every year until you stop using the report.

However, if you have an active subscription, no extra maintenance fee will be charged for the use of your custom reports and integrations.

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