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Xero integration

Why connect wayahead with Xero data and how to configure it.

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With Budget Manager in Xero accounting software, you can quickly prepare comprehensive budgets and compare against performance on selected periods.
If you enable the integration with Xero, wayahead can read out those targets and use them to show against the forecasted revenue of your work in progress. That way you can tell whether you are going to make your target, based on the billing schedule of the work in the studio.

When enabled, the Xero targets are be used in the Forecast report and in the monthly management report (email).

The scope of the integration is determined by your requirements. wayahead only requests minimal access to the data in your Xero database.

through the following API scopes:

  • openid: your application intends to use the user's identity

  • offline_access: allows to maintain the connection

  • View and manage your organisation settings

  • View your reports

  • ADVANCED ACCESS to read accounting transactions, required for advanced reporting

You can find more information about these scopes in Xero's API documentation.
Note that the scope can be different for companies who have custom reports with an advanced Xero integration.

Connect Xero to wayahead

To set up the connection, you must be an administrator and have access to Xero's budget manager.

To go Setup > Xero Integration. Click Connect. You will be taken to Xero, where you must authorise for data to be read out by wayahead.

Setting up Targets

You should find out how to set up targets via the Xero help center, but it comes down to this:

Go to the Account > Reports and choose Budget Manager, where you can enter a sales budget for each account and each month.

Choose your accounts

In wayahead, you can choose which income accounts hold the sales targets to be used in your reports. This can be one or multiple accounts.

You can temporarily disable to data connection by unticking "Use Xero sales budgets".

Where do I see the targets?

You can see the targets plotted out in the graph at the bottom of the Forecast report and on the last page of the Management Report.

Disabling the Xero connection

To disconnect wayahead from Xero, you can press the button to revoke access on this page or you can disconnect wayahead from Xero via the App Marketplace > Connected apps.

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