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The WIP Items progress report lets you search jobs by client, status or account manager, listing the, along with their phases and items.

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It can be challenging for job owners to stay on top of all their WIP jobs. The top level data, such as time spending vs budget is easy to see in the jobs list. But for more detailed information you often have to dip in and out of jobs to get the full picture. That's what this report resolves, listing all jobs and their items in one long list, that is easily searched, filtered and printed, to give you all the details at your finger tips.

Fetching Data

You start by telling the app which jobs you are looking for in Streamtime. You can apply filters by Account Manager, job status or client name – or any combination of the three. Note that wayahead will only search in the WIP jobs, so no archived jobs will ever show up here.

Some active jobs are also automatically excluded from the report, such as internal jobs, sales jobs, holiday jobs or jobs with specific job labels (listed in the configuration).

List view

wayahead fetches the data from Streamtime and lists them first by job, then by phase and then by item. Of course, if a job has no items, it will just show jobs and their phases. The list is automatically ordered from the largest job at the top to the smallest job at the bottom, however, inside the job, the original order from Streamtime is kept.

Filtering Data

Most columns have search or filter options at the top. Job / Client and Items have a search field. This searches a number of data fields in the original data:

  • Searching Jobs: searches in job name, client name, job number, job labels, job status and team members.

  • Searching Items: searches in item name, item status, team members.

The filter dropdown further let you filter overdue work, items with work scheduled ahead, items with more work to schedule, items that are over serviced or simply by account manager.


  • Job name / Client name: The job name might be cropped if it's too long, but you can hover to see the full name. The colour of the icon, linking to Streamtime, represents the job status (in play, paused, completed).

  • Account: Based on account manager labels set up in Streamtime and the preferences. This column will also show the phase name, in case your job has phases.

  • Items: Shows the item name or the items progress for the entire job. Hover over the progress bar to see a value breakdown of items completed, in play or paused inside the job. The total width of the progress bar represents the size of the job – you'll see that the job at the top of the list spans the full width of the cell, while the job at the bottom may only show a tiny progress bar.
    The status of each individual item is indicated with a coloured border on the left hand side of the cell, using the same status colours as in Streamtime. Extra Hours tracked are always shown as red (danger!)

  • Due: Shows the date a job or an item is due, both as an absolute and relative date.

  • Still scheduled: This represents the sum of all incomplete todos against a job or an item so you have an idea of how much more will be added to the used cost in case all those todos are completed.
    If the sum of completed and incomplete todos exceed the planned time on the item or job, wayahead will show a warning and let you hover for more details.

  • To Schedule: This column tells you if you should schedule out more work on the job or item. Say you have planned 100hrs of work on an item. So far you've completed 45hrs and you have another 35hrs scheduled, but incomplete. Then the sum of all todos is 80hrs. Then this column will show 20hrs, telling you you can schedule in another 20hrs of work before you run out of time.

  • Used time: value of todos completed on the job / item.

  • Planned time: value of todos planned on the job / item.

  • Time variance: This column shows how much you are over or under serviced.

Variance progress bars

a negative value means you have used less than planned and you have not used up the budget yet. The progress bar will be green, displaying a value between 0 and 100%.

A positive value, means you've gone over your budget. In that case the progress bar will be blue/red, illustrating not only that you're over budget, but also by how much - relative to the budget.

Hide Items

Streamtime allows you to break down your items in phases. This is particularly handy for very large projects. This report has a toggle to hide the items lines from the report, allowing you to focus on the job and phase summaries as a top level view of each job.

Assigned team members

In the accounts column you will also see the profile pictures of the first 6 people assigned to an item. In case there are more than 6, wayahead will show you that. These profile pictures are automatically loaded in from Streamtime.

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