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How do I allow others access to wayahead?
How do I allow others access to wayahead?

This articles describes how to invite users from Streamtime and configure their access privileges.

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wayahead does not have a license policy based on the number of people using the app. Anyone with a user account in Streamtime, can be invited to be a user in wayahead. If a person is not a user in Streamtime, you'll need to create them there first.

To invite new users, you need to be an administrator of wayahead yourself. Only administrators can see the Setup menu at the top of the page.

Inviting users

To invite a new user, go to the wayahead Setup > Team Preferences, then click the "Streamtime Team" tab at the top right of the page.

Choose a person from the list and press the green "Invite" button. wayahead will create their user account and send them an email, inviting them to set up their own password.

Resending the invitation

If they didn't receive the email, they should first check the spam. In case they don't respond immediately or if they have lost the email, you can always invite them again by pressing the yellow button "Resend".

NOTE: Once an invitation is resent, the original invitation is voided. The email contains a validation code for registering the account. Every time you resend the mail, the validation code is changed and the previous email is rendered useless. So make sure they use the link in the LAST EMAIL only.

Access Privileges

As soon as a user is invited – even before they have accepted – you can configure their access rights. Click back on the first tab "wayahead Users" at the top right of the page. If the new user is not listed yet, you may need to refresh the page first.

When the user is listed, you can click their name to modify their access privileges, such as which reports they have access to, whether they can see cost figures or if they are also an administrator in wayahead.

Deleting Users

When people leave your company, you may need to delete their account from wayahead. Go to Setup > Team Preferences.

Click the person's name in the wayahead Users list to open the details modal and click "Delete User".

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