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New Interface
New Interface

This article explains the highlights of the new interface

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Here's a long overdue update: The new interface on wayahead!

Overall there are no major changes, but what has changed has a great significance.

In the old interface, the black side panel with the reports was taking up a lot of space on the screen, meaning there was less room to display the actual reports! Not only that, each page also had some gray padding around the content taking away more space for what's important. Anyone on a smaller monitor will have noticed the reports were a little crammed. Even though the side panel was collapsible, it would reset to wide mode every time you loaded a new page (and if we're totally honest, it would break some of the elements on the layout, such as column headers).

The new interface has a compact side panel with collapsible menu's for each reporting category:

  • Jobs, Items & Todo's

  • Financial Reports

  • Planning Reports

  • Automation

  • (Optionally) Custom Reports

  • (Optionally) Integrations

You'll find the new layout familiar, as it is very similar, not only Streamtime, but to a lot of other modern web interfaces.

The user menu, setup and support have moved into the bottom left corner of the page. Just let before, the Setup tab will only be visible to account administrators.

Finally, we're proud to have the new house style colours more prominently used in the app!

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