Deadlines Report

The deadlines report offers a calendar view of upcoming job, items and milestones deadlines.

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This is one of the most straight forward reports in wayahead. It offers a simple calendar view of deadlines. You can navigate forward or backward through the calendar and you can choose to view the items as a calendar view or a list view.

There are 3 different item types, as indicated by the colour code at the top of the page.

  • Green events: job deadlines

  • Blue events: item deadlines

  • Yellow events: milestone deadlines

More information

Hover over each calendar item to see more information.

Making changes to items (and jobs)

In Streamtime, the job deadline is determined by the deadlines of the related items. The job deadline is set by the item with the latest deadline.

wayahead lets you drag and drop calendar items on different days. This will automatically update the item deadline of the corresponding item in Streamtime.

If changing that item deadline also changes the corresponding job deadline, you'll also see the job event jump around in the calendar.

Unfortunately while we can search for Milestones via the API, it doesn't allow us to modify them. So Milestones can not be changed.

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