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Remember Me and session lifetime
Remember Me and session lifetime

How often do you have to log in again in wayahead?

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Like every web app, wayahead uses a session to store when you log in and when you were last active. Sessions can't be kept alive forever, so every now and again a while you will need to log in again. When your session expires, you will be logged out automatically and you might see a code=39 or code=40 in the url of the long page.

This article helps you understand the different lifespans of a session.

Once you log in to wayahead, your session will remain active as you refresh pages or navigate around between reports.

By default, wayahead will log you out automatically:

  • If you have been inactive for a day (24 hours)

  • If it has been more than 5 days since your last login (and your account was idle for over 1 hour)

  • When you check "Remember Me" during login, your session will be kept alive for 10 days.

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