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How do I configure the team names in wayahead?
How do I configure the team names in wayahead?

Configure teams manually in wayahead or get them to import automatically from Streamtime.

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In Streamtime you can add user labels to each person to divide your staff in logical groups and you can tell wayahead to use those user labels, say in the Utilisation report.

This article explains:

  • How to configure automatic team names

  • How to use manual team names

  • How and when the staff (and team) definitions are resynchronised

Teams can either be configured manually in wayahead OR they can be retrieved automatically from Streamtime's team definitions. The reason there are 2 options is that historically Streamtime didn't have user labels and even when they did, they weren't shared out via the API for a long time. Since late 2022, you have a choice.

Anyone who has set up their wayahead account before 2023 is still set to a manual configuration.

Note that team names should never be blank. In case a new user is created in Streamtime and synchronised into wayahead โ€“ย if no team definitions exist, wayahead will use your company name as the fallback option. Basically anyone in that team hasn't been properly set up yet.

Automatic configuration

Start by labeling your staff in Streamtime with team labels, like in the example below.

Then go to the Reporting Preferences and switch on the checkbox "Automatically define staff team names based on user labes in Streamtime" and select which labels are team labels. In the example below โ€“ Temp is a label we use for something else โ€“ so I untick it.

Then when the Staff list is resynced, the team names will automatically be set defined.

If a person is linked to multiple teams, the team name in wayahead will be a string combining all of them in alphabetical order. In the example above, Kye will be assigned to team "Accounts + MT".

Manual Configuration

If you prefer to control your team definitions from within wayahead, regardless of the labels in Streamtime, just leave the option "Automatically define staff team names based on user labes in Streamtime" in the reporting preferences unticked.

When you go to the Setup > Team Preferences > Streamtime Team, you'll notice a yellow highlight when you hover over each person's team name. Just click to change the team name. When you start typing, wayahead will suggest a list of options to pick from, helping to make sure team names are spelled exactly the same every time. Changes are saved automatically.

Synchronising Staff Data

wayahead synchronises the team definitions from Streamtime in its own local database. This is to speed up reporting, making sure the data doesn't have to be fetched and processed every time we open up a certain report. Synchronising the data is automated, but can also be done manually.

Manually synchronisating the staff list:

  • Setup > Team Preferences > Streamtime Team: click Resync Staff List to update the list now.

  • Setup > Reporting Preferences: You can click Resync Staff List after you change the team definitions.

When does automatic synchronisation occur?

  • When you log in to wayahead

  • When the weekly utilisation email runs

  • When you connect your wayahead account to Streamtime via the Connection Wizard.

The automated synchronisation means you shouldn't have to worry about team definitions most of the time. Just remember you do have to set the billable target for new staff.

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