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Release Notes
Release Notes

This article lists the changes made in each new release (from latest to oldest)

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Written by Miel De Rycke
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New changes and updates are made to wayahead almost on a daily basis. These changes are pushed out to the live version very frequently. In this article I will try to keep a log of all changes made in the app.

18 July, 2024

  • Changes were made in the way wayahead works out if a todo is newbiz/sales. Many agencies label jobs for newbiz/sales, but then also switch it to non billable in Streamtime. Until now these todos would always report as non billable, but it was changed to return them as newbiz/sales todos instead. This now works similarly to the holidays. The label overwrites the non billable setting.

  • Improvement to the Overservice report: There is a new option in the configuration allowing you to choose how to handle Unplanned work when reporting in jobs mode: always handle it as unplanned? Or only handle it as unplanned if the entire job is overserviced.
    When reporting on an item level, unplanned work is always reported as overservice.
    when report on job level, you can now choose to include or exclude unplanned work based on whether the entire job is at risk or not.

27 June, 2024

  • Many updates to the new Overservice Value report. This report is still in beta, but it has been further fine-tuned and improved. There are now options in the configuration on how to handle extra time tracked or how to ignore unplanned tasks on certain jobs.

  • The Overservice Value report now also has 2 modes of calculating the totals: On item level or on job level. On item level, todos are considered overserviced as soon as the item they are booked on was overserviced. On job level, todos are only overserviced if the entire job has gone over the planned time, regardless of how much was booked on each individual item.

  • Fixed an issue in the Invoice report where data wasn't processed correctly if you had invoices against archived branches in Streamtime.

14 June, 2024

  • The New Forecast is now showing archived jobs, IF they were recently invoices or if they still have draft forecasts, draft invoices/orders or accruals/deferrals. This helps clarify some of the figures. When you see the invoice total for last month, at least now you see the archived jobs and their invoices that make up that total. It also helps clean up the system. If you see a draft invoice on an archived job, you just know something's wrong.

  • Draft records for archived jobs are NOT added to the forecast totals.

  • You can switch off the archived jobs in the filter (this recalculates the totals at the bottom)

  • It is not possible to add any forecast items to archived jobs. You can drag and drop invoices on archived jobs to a new month, but wayahead will show you a warning that it's an archived invoice and you should probably fix it.

  • When deleting a Forecast item on an archived job, wayahead will detect the job is archived and suggest to automatically remove all other forecast items for you if there are any.

  • When scrolling down in the New Forecast, the search and filter buttons now move to the top of the page, so you can easily search the table, even when you're not scrolled to the very top of the page.

  • Beta release of Overservice Value report. This report shows the exact value of over servicing per week or per month.

  • Some fixes to the Health Check report, previously there were issues saving the notes and the value to completion wasn't always updating after changing the percent completed.

  • Updated Health Check default sorting, so that the sorting doesn't change every time you modify a value.

  • Renamed the dashboard, home page. The term dashboard was setting expectations far higher than that page delivers...

  • Email WIP At Risk now shows an extra column with the invoice total.

22 May, 2024

  • Health Check report now automatically pre-populates the % completed on all jobs, based on the amount of time spent. So it starts by assuming you're on track – now it's up to you to tell it if you aren't.

  • Health Check report automatically restores filter and sort order when you make changes to the % complete.

  • Email WIP report now also includes the invoice total.

15 May, 2024

  • Output Timesheets had an issue when you tried to search by job name or job number. That's resolved now.

  • Streamtime's API currently doesn't allow us to retrieve the Saved Segments from Streamtime. This was throwing a (background) error. Updated the interface to show a clear message until Streamtime have resolved the issue.

  • Annual Revenue now has export buttons for both invoice and summary tables.

  • In the New Forecast, when you use wayahead Targets, you can now click the name of the title line to navigate directly to the sales targets page.

14 May, 2024

  • Updates to how 4 categories of timesheets are calculated across all reports (billable, non billable, newbiz, time off). Labels are not case sensitive anymore.

  • Email Management report now unblocks the page when you forget to pick a recipient.

  • Invoice Report wasn't showing the correct colour against archived invoices in the invoice list.

  • Add some persistency on loading the 10 week trends when there's a network failure in the Utilisation report.

9 May, 2024,

  • NEW REPORT: Accruals & Deferrals. Track revenue independently from the financial transaction (invoice date). For more information, please check out this article.

  • NEW REPORT: WIP Health Check. Project the outcome of your jobs based on how much of the work you have completed (rather than how much you have tracked). For more information, please check out this article.

6 May, 2024

  • Fixed an issues in the payment engine, outstanding payments for new customers.

  • Fixed an issue with the pricing displayed in the accounts page.

24 April, 2024

  • New colour codes for the Annual Revenue report, more in line with the wayahead styles.

  • Disabled the old Forecast report. Users are now automatically redirected to the new Forecast. If you believe you really should still get access to the old forecast, please get in touch and I can arrange it.

  • Fixed an issue where the Management report was still trying to fetch sales target data from Xero even when the app was disconnected.

  • Fixed issue with currency shown in the WIP Items Progress report

  • Optimised filters on the Job Profit and Recovery report.

27 March, 2024

  • Major change to the Slacker emails! The previous model of the slacker email was a little outdated.
    The new version doesn't just have a prettier layout, the focus is mostly on how much time the user has recorded and how much is missing. The time recorded is broken down visually in a progress bar, but we don't list the breakdown in numbers. The only thing that matters is that time is missing and the user must fix it. There is also a link to go directly to the Streamtime Todo screen to take action!

  • We are sunsetting the old forecast! If you try to open it, you are automatically redirected to the New Forecast. Most people still using the old forecast, don't realise there's a new and improved version. If you really, really, seriously wish to keep using the old forecast, please get in touch with support and your access will be restored.
    The database was updated for wayahead user that had access to the Forecast, but not the New Forecast, you now automatically get access to both.

  • The Performance report now shows the correct link colour for Archived jobs in the list of items.

  • The Retainer report now has a link back to the job in Streamtime and shows the correct job status in the link colour.

20 March, 2024

  • Updates to the Performance report in the way data is retrieved from Streamtime, making the process a little more stable.

  • Fixed an issue in the Retainer report to exclude draft invoices.

  • Invoice report now correctly handles discounts, instalments and multi currency in the invoice lines summary

  • Fixed an issue where the account names weren't pulling through correctly in the invoice line summary of the Invoice report.

  • Stopped the Retainer report from automatically loading the data. If you want to load everything from the overview, you can simply press the button to do so.
    The problem was that when we clicked a retainer to view – we had to wait for the auto load on the current job to finish before it would load, slowing you down in the user interface.

15 March, 2024

  • Jobs report Billable Hours This Month. The time passed this month does not include today anymore. So time pass this month is until last night. That means, you're not always running behind on your timesheets.

  • Fixed an issue where time passed wasn't calculated correct since an earlier release.

4 March, 2024

This is a major release with lots of new features!

  • NEW Utilisation Trends Report: This report always displays 12 months. Previously, you could use the period toggles to summarise the first or last 1, 3, 6 or 12 months of the year. This has been improved. You can how choose how many months you wish to see (1-12). These controls not only update the summary at the top of the page, but also the totals in the heatmap. So if you now want to know what the team utilisation is YTD for the first 4 months of the year, you can! (Thanks, Gabrielle!)

  • NEW Invoice Report: There's are a few nice improvements from the previous release on the Invoice Line summaries. If you report by sales accounts and you are not connected to Xero, wayahead lets you fill in the missing account names yourself. Even when you are connected to Xero, wayahead will save the account names locally and will only make an API call to Xero when it has any new missing accounts, avoiding unnecessary slow downs.

  • NEW Sales Targets: For customers not using Xero or not wanting to connect with Xero, you can now set up your sales targets directly in wayahead. Simply go to the Sales Targets page via the Setup menu, add a new data set for a financial year and enter the values. These sales targets will be used in the New Forecast, Email Management report and the old forecast. If you have connected wayahead to Xero, the targets still come from the Xero Budget Manager.
    Finance administrators are able to create and modify sales targets. Non finance administrators can only consult them.

  • NEW in the New Forecast: wayahead now displays your sales targets in the New Forecast and shows you how much your forecasted total is under or over target – the targets can either come from Xero or from wayahead's Sales Targets.

  • NEW Management Report: Same here, the management report can now show wayahead Sales Targets if you configure them.

  • Improvements to the Xero connection (and to revoking access)

  • Fixed issue in the Utilisation Trends when you don't have any Leave entries. If no records are found, the Leave category is now still marked as ready.

23 February, 2024

  • New feature in the Invoice Report: The report can now offer a breakdown of revenue by invoice line! You can choose to view the summary by invoice line name or by accounts code. When wayahead is connected up with Xero, the accounts codes are replaced with the name from Xero's Chart of Accounts.
    The summaries are automatically displayed for the year shown (all time, specific years, last 12 months). wayahead also allows you to filter the invoice lines, by job lead, job type, branch or client.

  • Tiny speed improvement. wayahead validates whether you're on a paid account by making an API call to Stripe (the payment engine). If you're on a paid account, it will only make that call once every day, rather than every time you load a page.

14 February, 2024

  • When you revoke the integration with Xero, the remote connection in Xero is also deleted.

  • Several issues in custom integrations were fixed, following the security update from last week.

8 February, 2024

  • This version has an important security update. You should not notice the difference as a user, but you may experience an inexplicable sense of calm and satisfaction.

  • The New Forecast has a hidden column with the probability from the tiers

  • An issue was fixed in the New Forecast where the invoices for the current month were added up with the total for the tier of unlabelled jobs. For most customers this is 'confirmed' work. The projected total was not meant to include the sum of already issued invoices (Thanks, Michelle!)

1 February, 2024

  • Major changes to the application sessions – this relates to the cookie data stored on your browser, to identify who you are. Sessions were expiring too fast, particularly for clients using 2FA. Session handling was completely overhauled.

  • Utilisation Trends now automatically loads the LEAVE as soon as you open the report. Too many users were finding it confusing that billable time was measured against the entire month (before leave), rather than the actual time in the office (after leave), if you hadn't loaded the leave todos first. Now that they get loaded automatically, you always see the billable time against the time in the office.

  • There is a direct link to this release notes article from within the support menu

  • New function to select the correct account for users who are linked to multiple companies. A new menu appears where you can quickly switch between accounts without having to log out and in again. Some other glitches were ironed out in the process.

  • Accruals and Deferrals are ignored when the record they relate to doesn't exist anymore. Previously this was causing a loading issue.

26 January, 2024

This release has some important improvements around the session duration. a very long list of minor improvements and bug fixes.

  • Timesheet reports support the Non billable job definition from Streamtime. So if the job is marked as non billable, but it's missing the right labels, the timesheets will still report correctly as non billable. (Note that an item marked as non billable inside of a billable Streamtime job is not supported by wayahead yet. Instead you must use common naming conventions for non billable items. Please contact support for more info.)

  • Sessions timeouts were optimised. Especially customers who use 2FA were noticing short timeouts. A full description can be found in this knowledge base article.

  • When your session had expired and you tried to invite a team member, it wasn't throwing any errors. Now you get redirected to the login page so you can log in again.

  • The invoice report was throwing an error when no invoices were returned from Streamtime, but there was no clear error message for the user. No invoices could mean you really don't have any invoices in Streamtime OR you set the earliest start date of the report in the future. This is clearly explained now.

  • Utilisation Trends report does not show capacity overwrite option from the Team setup if you're not an administrator. Until now the button was visible, even though you couldn't make any changes without admin rights.

  • Utilisation Trends now has an extra column in the summaries to show how much time every team and every person is missing in total.

  • The Retainer Report now also shows the "Recovery" % against each retainer, giving you a clear % of over or under servicing.

  • The Jobs report's Billable Hours this month now takes into account each's staff member's capacity overwrites from the Team Preferences. So if a person only joined the team halfway through the month their time from the start of the month will not show as missing time.

  • In the New Forecast, the graph's tooltip was showing a reversed value for the variance between the target and the projected total. If you were projected to go $1,000 over target, it was showing -$1,000. This is now reversed.

  • What's new in the support menu is swapped out with a permanent link to this release notes article.

  • When requesting a new 2FA code, the interface shows that a new code was sent.

  • The Annual Revenue report now uses the same company preference that determines what the earliest date is the report should run. You may not want to load all invoices dating back 8 years every time you run the report, so you can set the earliest date to 4 years ago and only load the last 4 years instead.
    The same date is changed in the Invoice and the Annual Revenue configuration modal.

19 December, 2023

  • The New Forecast had some errors in the summary tables at the bottom of the report. Some values were counting double. Minor issues also with the tooltips on the graphs. Both are now resolved.

  • When in Revenue Recognition mode, the New Forecast also had to load all job invoices, even those issued 6 months before the report view, so they can be properly swapped out for their deferred values. Until now the app was only loading invoices from the current period. That is fixed now.

  • Fixed an issue in the management report. Special characters in the job name, were causing the failure of the report graphs being processed.

  • Clients on an expired trail were going around in circles when they had 2FA activated. Redirected to sign up page, because they didn't have a plan, redirected to 2FA because they hadn't authenticated yet.... over and over... That's fixed.

4 December, 2023

  • Further updates to the Item Performance report. Each column now shows how many items are included in the result in brackets. This helps you put the performance score into perspective. A person who has an average performance of 110% across 3 items is less meaningful that someone who's got a score of 100% across 46 items.

  • Hover over each column in the staff performance summary for a tool tip with extra information.

26 November, 2023

  • Updates to the Item Performance report. The staff summary table now shows a separate score for items shared between multiple people and items assigned to one user only

  • The staff summary also shows an accuracy column, referencing to the number of found items that actually qualify for performance calculations. Say a user is involved with 200 items, but we can only calculate performance on 20 of them, then the accuracy will show 10%.
    (To calculate performance, wayahead needs an item to be both estimated AND worked on. If a user didn't work on an item, we can't judge performance. Equally, if a user spent 15hours on something, but no one bother to estimate how much time that person was allowed to spend in the first place, then again it's impossible to work out the performance)

15 November, 2023

  • Major update: the app now has a completely restyled interface, giving you more screen real estate for the actual reports, a familiar navigation that makes it easy to find your way around, better consistency between pages, smoking hot new house style colours, cute animations and much more!

  • The introduction of two-factor authentication (2FA) for more security.

2 November, 2023

  • Update to Utilisation report > 10 week trends. The default view mode of the graph is now the stacked version, instead of the line version.

  • Update to Utilisation report > 10 week trends. The tooltip shows all values at once, for the closest week the mouse is hovering on. Until now you had to hover over a specific point in the graph before the tooltip would show

  • Update to Utilisation report > 10 week trends. References to the weeks (week 17, week 18, week 19,...) are replaced with actual dates. This is the first day of the week.

17 October, 2023

  • New Forecast: Updated Sales filters, to allow you to show or hide all other jobs. Until now you could only hide the sales/new biz jobs using the filters. Now you can leave them on, but turn off all other jobs instead.

  • New Forecast: Fixed an issue where expense pills were sometimes rendering as -inf- after filtering, instead of showing the proper amounts.

  • Updated Cashflow report to show the tooltip in the correct currency.

6 October, 2023

  • New Forecast: The summaries at the bottom of the page were updated to be weighted totals. So if you use different tiers in the configuration, the invoice total by account, branch, job type or client will also be multiplied with the probability assigned to that tier.

  • New Forecast: Summary % are now within each month, instead of against the line total. In an earlier version, you would look at a customer and see how much was forecasted to be billed each month. The total for the client was 100% and each month was measured against the client's total.
    This is changed to work the other way around. The client's billing value is now measured against the total billing value for that month. So you can see that for say, December 35% of your billing is attributed to a specific client. It makes more sense that way around.

  • The New Forecast has been modified to handle accrued and deferred income. This feature is currently in a test mode. Instead of purely focussing on the billing, this allows us to see revenue recognition. A job could be 100% billed 6 months ago. But we want to defer the income and book it in, spread over a number of months. A new tool in wayahead will allow you to define the spread of that income. The New Forecast can then be viewed in both 'billing mode' or 'revenue recognition mode', where you either see the invoice at it's actual billing date OR the date you wish to recognise the income on.

  • NEW: Release of the Accruals & Deferrals tool. Currently being tested.

12 September, 2023

  • New Forecast: NEW tooltip on the Forecast column, to show you the details of the forecast status. What is the total budget, what's been billed/forecasted, what is the variance?

  • New Forecast: Improved search dialog (icon shows it's a search input, click X to delete the search term)

  • New Forecast: 3 NEW hidden columns for branch, job lead and job type, allowing you to use that data in the exports AND to search by those fields using the search input.

  • New Forecast: NEW click the name of the item in the summary tables to automatically forecast the main table by that item. E.g. Click a branch name to search the Forecast table by that branch.

  • New Forecast: FIX the tooltip in the chart would thrown an error when Xero wasn't connected

  • New Forecast: FIX the tooltip in the chart was showing the forecasted total, instead of the grand total.

  • Team updates now also store the user labels in wayahead, so they can be used in future reports.

5 September, 2023

  • Bug fix in WIP at Risk (both on screen and email). Extra Time Tracked would sometimes be negative. This was because of the introduction of Non Billable items in Streamtime, which had to be excluded from the calculations.

30 August, 2023

  • Major new release of the New Forecast report. This new forecast will replace the existing one over time, but for now, they exist side by side, giving everyone a chance to get accustomed to the new design and features.
    You can find a detailed description of this release in this article.

  • NEW: Automatically insert Streamtime expenses and purchase orders

  • NEW: Clearer footer totals

  • NEW: Create your own custom footers based on job labels, e.g. to break apart retainer work from project work or e.g. to summarise by probability.

  • NEW: Improved chart

  • NEW: Summary tables at the bottom of the page summarise the Forecast by client, job lead, job type and branch

  • NEW: Via the job details modal, you can now see the job plan and insert entire phases or lose items in the forecast.

10 July, 2023

  • Bug fix in profit report for clients without a branch

  • Fix in account manager list, to avoid duplicates showing up

  • Fixed issue sending email to new invitees if user already existed in support system.

  • Better error reporting when a duplicate user is pushed to Intercom (support system)

26 June, 2023

  • Minor updates to the Utilisation Trends report:

  • Better handling of Available vs Work hours. Billable results are now shown against actual time in the office, after deducting holidays from available time. Condition is that you first load the Leave hours.

  • Colour dot shows whether billable % is under, on or over target

  • Change the start date of the report (letting you look further back in the past or into the future)

  • Show incomplete todos (when looking into the future, you can see the capacity of the team now)

  • Improved Intercom integration (when a new user is invited, they are automatically added to Intercom for support purposes)

23 June, 2023

  • Fixed label on graph per user/team in management report, so it correctly shows internal label

  • Forcing default account manager throughout the app to "No Job Lead". Previously this was a bit random for each report.

16 June, 2023

  • New feature: finance admin, used in certain (mostly custom) financial reports

  • Speed improvements to WIP Items Progress report, making sure all job phases are fetched at the same time, instead of one by one.

  • Added Archived jobs to WIP Items Report, allowing you to see historic data.

  • Fixed issue with filtering Forecast by account manager

  • Fixed issue, where company preferences weren't read properly in Management report

  • Added tooltip in WIP at Risk report.

  • Fixed issue in Output Timesheets filtering by logged/unlogged.

  • Team list now shows if user is a finance administrator

  • Added function to show how many reports a user has access to.

31 May, 2023

  • Fix in utilisation trends, filtering by team

  • Workaround for a bug in Streamtime's API, involving sortField

  • Introducing job lead in jobs report

  • Fixed branches in jobs report

  • Minor tweak to default CSS for Output Timesheets.

9 May, 2023

  • Support for Job Lead field from Streamtime. Existing users will need to enable this in the Preferences. Until now the account manager responsible for a job was always defined through the job labels. When enabling this option, wayahead will use the Job Lead field instead. In case the Job Lead field is not set, the app will first try to fall back to the company Job Lead and if that's missing it will fall back to the job labels, just like before (e.g. for archived jobs). A new knowledge base article explains how to use this new feature.

  • Improved filters on the WIP Items Report
    • All filters can now be combined. So you can search e.g. for all "artwork" items that are overserviced
    • When searching items, the app now also searches the item description
    • There is a separate field to search by phase
    • There is a separate field to search by staff
    • Items with an item description (extra info), show a small info icon. Hover over the cell to see the item description
    • The report now has fixed headers, so when you scroll down in the page, you can still see the column names.
    • The free text searches on the job name, phase name and item name, let you make combined searches. You just have to separate your search strings with a comma. E.g. if I search the items for "Artwork, in play", wayahead will filter all the items with Artwork in the item name or description AND the status is in play.

  • Improved Error reporting: when Streamtime is down for updates (or the API is unreachable) wayahead will issue a clear warning.

3 May, 2023

  • New Feature: Job Profit & Recovery report now has a new breakdown by Branch. This breakdown follows the same logic as breakdowns by account manager, by client or by job type. There is also a new graph to visualise the data.

  • Profit data (orange bars) was removed from the account and job type graphs. This was confusing and inconsistent with the client graph.

  • Bug fix: when really old trial versions of wayahead were reactivated, they were missing a preferences record. This is fixed. If preferences are missing they are created on the fly.

  • Other minor bug fixes.

Apr 11, 2023

Two important bugs were fixed in this release:

  • When you remove your credit card and add a new one, then retried the payment, it didn't work. This was because the newly added credit card was never set as the default payment method for the account. This is resolved now.

  • When you have an outstanding invoice, older than 7 days, your wayahead account locks up. The administrator is redirected to the accounts page to point out what the issue is. But someone who is not an administrator doesn't have access to the accounts page and is redirected back to the home page. This resulted in an endless loop. A non administrator is now redirected to a special page pointing out the account issue.

Mar 30, 2023

  • Added code in the background to capture each user's branch and role.

  • Bug fixes, loading default image when user avatar isn't available from Streamtime.

  • Improvements to the main menu. The main colour of the app had recently been swapped out by the wayahead blue, but this was making the menu items barely readable.

Mar 7, 2023

  • Output timesheets now allows you to use Saved Searches from Streamtime. Just save a favourite Time report in Streamtime and share it with the team. All shared favourites are listed in the Output Timesheets report. Note that you can not change the parameters on a saved search at the moment. The report starts running as soon as you pick an item from the list.

Internal Hours Last Year marked as a shared favourite
Shared favourites show up in the Saved Searches

Mar 6, 2023

  • Management report now uses the team's capacity overwrites from the staff list. So if a person only joined the team last week, they will show up accordingly in the management report – so far only the Utilisation Trends report was using these capacity overwrites.

  • Preparations done for new Streamime Job Lead field. In February Streamtime released a new feature to define the job lead on each job. So far in wayahead we always used job labels to identify the job lead or account manager. The ground work was laid to let you choose if you wish to continue to use the labels (default) or if you prefer to use the new job lead field.
    NOTE: upon release, the jobLeadUserId field is not available in the API. Streamtime isn't returning this new field, meaning we can not use it for the time being. That's why the default is to keep using labels. When it is, a new function in the preferences will let you choose labels or job lead field.
    NOTE: Note also that there is no automated way to define the job lead on historic / archived jobs! Streamtime may or may not resolve this in the future, but wayahead will keep using the labels as a fallback option: if a job has a job lead, that person is assigned as the account manager. If not, wayahead checks if perhaps there is a job label that matches the job lead definition.

  • Some reports, such as the Forecast, let you filter by account manager. The names of the account managers are listed automatically based on the labels we set as AM labels. With the new Job Lead field, that doesn't work anymore. Potentially every person in the studio can be a job lead. In a team of 60 that means the list would show 60 people - we don't want that.
    So now there is a new option in the staff list, that allows you to indicate which people are your account managers.

  • Issue fixed in the graph of the Cashflow report.

  • Other minor bug fixes.

Jan 26, 2023

  • WIP Items Progress report has new column for time scheduled, but not completed yet, allowing you to see how much more work is likely to be completed. You will also see warnings in case you have scheduled more than you should have, i.e. when the completed + scheduled time exceed the planned time.

  • WIP Items Progress report has a new column for time remaining to schedule. This is the difference between the time planned and the time already completed (and still scheduled). So if you're planning 100hrs of work, you've already completed 50hrs and you have another 20hrs of incomplete todos, the report will tell you that you have another 30hrs left to schedule on this job. You can also filter the list by jobs that need more work scheduled, so you immediately know which jobs need your attention!

Jan 20, 2023

First release of the year! Yay

  • Intercom integration in wayahead 🎉 That means from now on you can find help directly inside the app: chat to support, get straight to the related KB article, search other KB articles and see what's new! Not every report has a KB yet, please be patient and give me time to write out all articles, but feel free to get in touch in case you feel one is missing. First come, first serve.

  • Fixes to the WIP Items Progress report, allowing you to filter by multiple criteria at once.

  • Some extra (hidden) columns in the Invoice Contribution report, which will come out with the export, allowing you to see the data in the original currency.

  • Other minor bug fixes.

Dec 21, 2022

  • Branch support in Invoice Report and Invoice Contribution: In the configuration, you can use choose which branches are included in the report. It can be all branches (in that case, the report works just like before) or for one or more elect branches.

  • Invoice report has additional graph for revenue and contribution by branch, only if not reported on all branches

  • Invoice report has additional table for revenue and contribution by branch, only if not reported on all branches

  • Invoice report > List of all invoices has a new hidden column with the invoice date in format YYYY/MM. This allows you to search invoices for a specific month.

  • Invoice report > List of all invoices no also has the totals for revenue, cost and contribution in the footers.

  • Some updates to the CSS, to bring it in line with the new house style (website) colours.

Dec 15, 2022

  • Added functionality to the backend to collect a company's branche setup from Streamtime. This configuration is stored in the backend and will later be used in certain reports, such as the invoice contribution or the invoice report. Branches are updated at the same time staff details are updated (manual sync, weekly utilisation email, during login)

  • Updated WIP Items Progress report to include a filter by job status.

Dec 12 2022

  • NEW REPORT: Release of the new WIP Items Progress report.

Dec 6, 2022

  • Improvement: Show alternate avatar circle if user doesn't have avatar image in Streamtime.

  • Bug fix: Fixed handling of old invoice status 7 (External). This status isn't used in Streamtime anymore, but was still used in certain reports. This has now been fixed.

  • Bug fix: error when a user didn't have any labels in Streamtime.

  • Bug fix: check if a connection can be made to Streamtime during login, if not redirect to connection wizard.

Dec 1, 2022

  • Improvement: Style changes in the utilisation report. Now that wayahead fetches the avatar pictures from Streamtime, the contrast between the total time spent and the image in the background wasn't always clear. A label behind the text resolves this. Also, when hovering the graph, the avatar picture disappears.

  • Improvement: Invoice report table exports now export raw data, rather than formatted numbers, making it easier to use them for further calculations in spreadsheets.

  • Improvement: Nicer styling in default CSS stylesheets for Output Timesheets report. To use this new CSS, just insert the default via the Styling preferences.

Nov 30, 2022

  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where headings of Job Profit and Recovery report weren't matching the columns after resizing the window or after hiding the side panel.

  • Bug fix: Updated Items report to display the estimatedStartDate (item start date) of an item rather than the earliestStartDate (date of first scheduled todo or item start date)

Nov 22, 2022

  • Bug fix: Updates to how automatic schedules are saved (cron jobs) on the server. This changes was necessary due to a change in the host's API, which made certain schedules run e.g. every minute on Monday from 9-10am rather than once on Monday between 9-10am.

Nov 21, 2022

  • New Feature: Automatic team names. Until now, teams were always defined in wayahead. Years ago, Streamtime didn't have staff labels for teams, so the team definitions were introduced in wayahead. Later, Streamtime implemented team labels to manage teams in Streamtime, however those user labels were never shared out via the API. That changed a couple of months ago.
    wayahead now let's you choose if you wish to use the manual labels in wayahead or rather if you'd like team settings to be loaded automatically from the Streamtime user configuration.
    Note that not every label in Streamtime is a team label. In the setup, you can enable Automatic Team Settings. When you do this, you'll see a list of all user labels from Streamtime and you can tick/untick them to indicate which labels constitute team labels. From that wayahead will automatically update the team names every time you log on or every week when the weekly utilisation report runs.

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