New changes and updates are made to wayahead almost on a daily basis. These changes are pushed out to the live version very frequently. In this article I will try to keep a log of all changes made in the app.

Mar 7, 2023

  • Output timesheets now allows you to use Saved Searches from Streamtime. Just save a favourite Time report in Streamtime and share it with the team. All shared favourites are listed in the Output Timesheets report. Note that you can not change the parameters on a saved search at the moment. The report starts running as soon as you pick an item from the list.

Internal Hours Last Year marked as a shared favourite
Shared favourites show up in the Saved Searches

Mar 6, 2023

  • Management report now uses the team's capacity overwrites from the staff list. So if a person only joined the team last week, they will show up accordingly in the management report โ€“ so far only the Utilisation Trends report was using these capacity overwrites.

  • Preparations done for new Streamime Job Lead field. In February Streamtime released a new feature to define the job lead on each job. So far in wayahead we always used job labels to identify the job lead or account manager. The ground work was laid to let you choose if you wish to continue to use the labels (default) or if you prefer to use the new job lead field.
    NOTE: upon release, the jobLeadUserId field is not available in the API. Streamtime isn't returning this new field, meaning we can not use it for the time being. That's why the default is to keep using labels. When it is, a new function in the preferences will let you choose labels or job lead field.
    NOTE: Note also that there is no automated way to define the job lead on historic / archived jobs! Streamtime may or may not resolve this in the future, but wayahead will keep using the labels as a fallback option: if a job has a job lead, that person is assigned as the account manager. If not, wayahead checks if perhaps there is a job label that matches the job lead definition.

  • Some reports, such as the Forecast, let you filter by account manager. The names of the account managers are listed automatically based on the labels we set as AM labels. With the new Job Lead field, that doesn't work anymore. Potentially every person in the studio can be a job lead. In a team of 60 that means the list would show 60 people -ย we don't want that.
    So now there is a new option in the staff list, that allows you to indicate which people are your account managers.

  • Issue fixed in the graph of the Cashflow report.

  • Other minor bug fixes.

Jan 26, 2023

  • WIP Items Progress report has new column for time scheduled, but not completed yet, allowing you to see how much more work is likely to be completed. You will also see warnings in case you have scheduled more than you should have, i.e. when the completed + scheduled time exceed the planned time.

  • WIP Items Progress report has a new column for time remaining to schedule. This is the difference between the time planned and the time already completed (and still scheduled). So if you're planning 100hrs of work, you've already completed 50hrs and you have another 20hrs of incomplete todos, the report will tell you that you have another 30hrs left to schedule on this job. You can also filter the list by jobs that need more work scheduled, so you immediately know which jobs need your attention!

Jan 20, 2023

First release of the year! Yay

  • Intercom integration in wayahead ๐ŸŽ‰ That means from now on you can find help directly inside the app: chat to support, get straight to the related KB article, search other KB articles and see what's new! Not every report has a KB yet, please be patient and give me time to write out all articles, but feel free to get in touch in case you feel one is missing. First come, first serve.

  • Fixes to the WIP Items Progress report, allowing you to filter by multiple criteria at once.

  • Some extra (hidden) columns in the Invoice Contribution report, which will come out with the export, allowing you to see the data in the original currency.

  • Other minor bug fixes.

Dec 21, 2022

  • Branch support in Invoice Report and Invoice Contribution: In the configuration, you can use choose which branches are included in the report. It can be all branches (in that case, the report works just like before) or for one or more elect branches.

  • Invoice report has additional graph for revenue and contribution by branch, only if not reported on all branches

  • Invoice report has additional table for revenue and contribution by branch, only if not reported on all branches

  • Invoice report > List of all invoices has a new hidden column with the invoice date in format YYYY/MM. This allows you to search invoices for a specific month.

  • Invoice report > List of all invoices no also has the totals for revenue, cost and contribution in the footers.

  • Some updates to the CSS, to bring it in line with the new house style (website) colours.

Dec 15, 2022

  • Added functionality to the backend to collect a company's branche setup from Streamtime. This configuration is stored in the backend and will later be used in certain reports, such as the invoice contribution or the invoice report. Branches are updated at the same time staff details are updated (manual sync, weekly utilisation email, during login)

  • Updated WIP Items Progress report to include a filter by job status.

Dec 12 2022

  • NEW REPORT: Release of the new WIP Items Progress report.

Dec 6, 2022

  • Improvement: Show alternate avatar circle if user doesn't have avatar image in Streamtime.

  • Bug fix: Fixed handling of old invoice status 7 (External). This status isn't used in Streamtime anymore, but was still used in certain reports. This has now been fixed.

  • Bug fix: error when a user didn't have any labels in Streamtime.

  • Bug fix: check if a connection can be made to Streamtime during login, if not redirect to connection wizard.

Dec 1, 2022

  • Improvement: Style changes in the utilisation report. Now that wayahead fetches the avatar pictures from Streamtime, the contrast between the total time spent and the image in the background wasn't always clear. A label behind the text resolves this. Also, when hovering the graph, the avatar picture disappears.

  • Improvement: Invoice report table exports now export raw data, rather than formatted numbers, making it easier to use them for further calculations in spreadsheets.

  • Improvement: Nicer styling in default CSS stylesheets for Output Timesheets report. To use this new CSS, just insert the default via the Styling preferences.

Nov 30, 2022

  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where headings of Job Profit and Recovery report weren't matching the columns after resizing the window or after hiding the side panel.

  • Bug fix: Updated Items report to display the estimatedStartDate (item start date) of an item rather than the earliestStartDate (date of first scheduled todo or item start date)

Nov 22, 2022

  • Bug fix: Updates to how automatic schedules are saved (cron jobs) on the server. This changes was necessary due to a change in the host's API, which made certain schedules run e.g. every minute on Monday from 9-10am rather than once on Monday between 9-10am.

Nov 21, 2022

  • New Feature: Automatic team names. Until now, teams were always defined in wayahead. Years ago, Streamtime didn't have staff labels for teams, so the team definitions were introduced in wayahead. Later, Streamtime implemented team labels to manage teams in Streamtime, however those user labels were never shared out via the API. That changed a couple of months ago.
    wayahead now let's you choose if you wish to use the manual labels in wayahead or rather if you'd like team settings to be loaded automatically from the Streamtime user configuration.
    Note that not every label in Streamtime is a team label. In the setup, you can enable Automatic Team Settings. When you do this, you'll see a list of all user labels from Streamtime and you can tick/untick them to indicate which labels constitute team labels. From that wayahead will automatically update the team names every time you log on or every week when the weekly utilisation report runs.

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